I started my apprenticeship in Side Turkey in 2004. At this time in Turkey Tattoos were still quite a taboo. I was mainly tattooing tourists working from flash sheets and tattooing very simple designs. Desperate to be recognized as an artist for my own style I knew I would have to leave Turkey and work in Europe where tattoo art was more appreciated and accepted. Since coming to the UK in 2010 I've worked at many conventions such as Brighton, Venezia, Tattoo Tea Party and Liverpool. You will see from my portfolio that I am a very versatile artist and work in many styles but my favourite styles of art is anything creative. I love working in a Trash polka style and water colour but also really enjoy realism. This last year has been an amazing year for me, I won my first award for the best colour tattoo at The Nottingham Tattoo convention and I've had my work published in many amazing tattoo magazines. I am super honoured to have some amazing clients who have travelled from all over the UK and some from outside of the country to be tattooed by me and trust me enough for me to be adventurous in my work. Being a tattooist is not a job it's a passion. I take great care and diligence in delivering body art of the highest standards.



Beynur Kaptan

"Being a tattooist is not a job it's a passion. I take great care and diligence in delivering body art of the highest standards."

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Laura Weller 

My parents always tell me I never went anywhere without a notepad and a pencil. I've always been artistic and loved drawing. I've done it through school, college, sixth form and also tried University. My boss Beynur found me on Facebook after seeing my artwork and offered me a chance to become his apprentice in 2013. I always knew I wanted to be an artist but never thought of becoming a Tattoo artist. I believe everything happens for a reason and Beynur finding me was like Fate.  Since working at Beynur's Tattoos I have been lucky enough to have my work published in many Tattoo magazines, and also had a 5 page article written about my work in Skin Deep Magazine. I have won 2 awards for my black work style work. One at The Great British Tattoo show in 2015 and the other at The Cambridge Tattoo convention in 2016. I absolutely love my job to me being a tattoo artist it's much more than a job is my passion and my life.



Sharnia Mockford

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I've always been a passionate artist and dreamed of becoming a Tattoo artists. I was thrilled when Beynur offered me the chance to be his apprentice in 2015. After 2 years of learning the art of tattooing I become a fully trained Tattooist in October 2017. 2018 is going to be a very exciting year for me. I will be working my first tattoo convention at Tattoo freeze and also plan to work The Great British Tattoo show. I am a very versatile artist and enjoy to work in many styles but really enjoy enjoy realism and black and grey.

Martha Copeland

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Kyle Warwick

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